Newly inaugurated electricity disappoints Juba residents. “Why is light only on in J1 & Amarat?”

Some Residents of Juba say the supposed electrification of town that was launched yesterday only supplied power to the State House, J1, and its surrounding areas of Hai Amaraat.

Yesterday, President Salva Kiir switched on the generators providing electricity to the residents of Juba.

The electrification of Juba is aimed at providing electricity to 3,000 households.
It shall also light up most of the streets in Juba. But by yesterday evening, most areas were still experiencing darkness.

A drive through the town by Eye Radio last evening noticed that all the streets where electric poles have been erected and street lights have been mounted remain without light.

Major roads such as Juba University roundabout to Buluk, and from UNICEF compound to Hai Cinema still do not have streetlight despite the presence of poles, transformers and bulbs.

Residents only observed lights on the streets starting from Buluk Police headquarters, along the road leading to the State House, and ends at the SPLM House in Amaraat.

Streets lights have only been detected in few houses where prominent government officials live.
Those who spoke to Eye Radio say, it seems like the power plant was launched just to impress the President, but not supply the residents of Juba as earlier announced.

“Honestly they said there is electricity, but where is it? You won’t see it if you move around, they have not supplied power to all the areas. Up to now, there is no connection in areas of Nimra Talata and Hai Cinema. And there is nothing here in Munuki, Nyakuron or even Custom.”

“Those people only launched this to take care of themselves. They didn’t do it for the people, because the electrification they are talking about has nothing to do with us, because we don’t have the lights.”

“I am Salah from Shari Bettary, we saw poles in the streets but it didn’t reach us, because we are in Shari Bettary.”

“I want to tell you this was just a momentary launch. The electricity was there yesterday on the main roads like the airport road, State House at around 2PM, but by 5PM it went off. Then at around 7PM while I was going home, there was no power. So don’t make noise that the power is working, I think it just works at 10 PM till dawn in some areas.”

During the launch yesterday, the Minister of Electricity and Dams said this is just the first phase of the electrification project.

Dhieu Mathok said the 33 megawatts power Plan Project for Juba is a joint venture between the government and Ezra Power Company with funds from the African Development Bank.

Ezra Company will operate the 38 million U.S dollar power plant for about 17 years and then transfer ownership to the government.

President Kiir also announced that South Sudan shall be connected to a 400 KV line interconnecting Karuma in Uganda and Juba by 2023.

He said the country will also develop its hydropower resources –mainly in Fulla, near Nimule.