A Rescue From Death: Achai Wiir donates $40,000 for Dominic Deng’s kidney transplant [video]

Dominic Deng Madut who has been battling kidney failure for nearly two years said Achai Awet Alor popularly known as Achai Wiir has donated $40,000 US dollars for his kidney transplant. He took to social media on Saturday to announce the donations.

”I’m informing you that Achai-wiir has actually fulfilled her promised. She has donated 40,000 USD for my kidney transplant and 1,000 USD for my mother as pocket money and lastly paid for an emergency ticket Juba-Cairo to my mother”, Deng wrote on his Facebook post.

Achai Wiir said on Friday this could be the right time for all well-wishers to know how well she is prepared to fund his surgery.

”I’m glad that I finally met with the biological mother of Dominic Deng in my house in the last few days”. She revealed.

She further said the meeting was fruitful as they discussed ways to save Dominic’s future and to enable him to continue chasing his academic goals.

Achai revealed that just like she vowed in her last post about taking part to save the young man’s life, she made sure that promise came true.

”Today, I publicly announce that Dominic’s mother received funds from me for the surgical procedure and the first operation will be done soon”, she said.

Dominic Deng was a second year medical student at the University of Juba when his life and dreams were threatened by the renal failure. He has been in Egypt where he was stranded after hospital asked for 50,000 US dollars for his kidney transplant, an amount his parents couldn’t afford until Achai Wiir paid $40,000 dollars.

Achai Wiir is a South Sudanese businesswoman and socialite known for her generosity and reconciling South Sudanese communities both in Sudan South and in diaspora. She recently gave a brand new car to visually impaired musician John Gai in Uganda.

Dominic Deng applauded Achai Wiir and those who were involved to help him financially and spiritually.

Since Twic Media Reports initiated fundraising campaign in August 2019 to raise funds for Dominic Deng and continuously reports on his health status, we’ll continue to keep you updated on his health situation as he undergoes kidney transplant.

Posted by Dominic Deng Jiko on Saturday, November 23, 2019

We wish him a speedy recovery!