Man who was imprisoned for impregnating a girl in Twic State shot dead after he escaped jail

Police in Wunrok County have deployed its officers at Majak Liet village in Wunrok county after a man who was sentenced to prison for impregnated a girl was allegedly shot dead by suspected gunmen last night.

Police inspector George Khot Wal said the deceased was a inmate at Ayen Abiel prison cell and fact finding by the police indicated that the deceased allegedly escaped the jail term yesterday.

‘’He was shot at head last night around 1AM and he died later in the hospital at 4AM. We are told that, the suspected gunmen entered the compound and started calling the name of the decease. Immediately the deceased got out of the room and he was shot.’’ Wal said.

Khot said, policemen have been deployed at the scene to contained the situation.

Some relatives to the deceased said, they have identified two suspected prison officers.

‘’We know them by names because they work for the government. The deceased was convicted because of pregnancy’’

The Head of Prison cell Colonel Marko Mawien told Mayardit FM that they were informed about the incident.

‘’Yes I received the phone call last night from the police in Wunrok town and I was told about what happened. Yesterday, we sent two prison officers to Wunrok to go and look for the prisoner who escaped the jail. Our officers did not return and now security personal are searching for the them.’’ He said to Mayardit FM.

Mawien disclosed that, the deceased was imprisoned because of pregnancy. ”It was the issue of girl who got pregnant. And so he was convicted to pay for the act. He was convicted to pay the cow and fine.’’

Mawien called on the relatives of the deceased to remain patient as the incident is being investigated and that justice will be served. This is first of its kind for such incident to happen in Twic state.