Why South Sudanese women don’t want kids

As you already know, there are Junubin ladies out there who just prefer to not have kids. So, before you ask, “What kind of human being doesn’t want a child?” you must know that they have their reasons. See below why some South Sudanese women don’t want kids:

The reasons women are giving are varied. Having babies is expensive for one thing,
1. A 2017 USDA report found that parents in America spend, on average, more than $230,000 on child costs from birth to age 17, not including college. Now you imagine a woman easing 5 kids when father is doing his own things. This made Junubin women in USA afraid to have kids.

“First, it’s not possible for me to have a baby. Secondly, I would not adopt because I would prefer to have my own blood. Thirdly, this long into life with no child, I realize I will be just fine.” Women confessed.

2. It’s pretty so fine to have children but most of Junubin women don’t want to have kids because some men leave kids with their mothers and go for ladies with no kids hence responsibility get out of hand to the woman.

3. Childhood fear: Maybe they thought of having a child has scared them since they were young? There are Junubin ladies like that.

4. Figure/Looks, women do not want to have kids because they would look fat with big belly. Most women prefer to be slim.

5. Pressure: Others do not like the pressure that comes with it. Maybe from inlaws, their parents e.t.c. They just do not see any sense in it and prefer to have a marriage filled with love, not with kids that were forced into the world.

6. Nature: Some women can’t stand kids. Their stubbornness, the stress that comes with taking care of them, the excessive crying sessions and so on.