Pray for veteran musician David Pachong Mading, he is suffering from colon cancer. [his current photos]

Veteran South Sudanese musician David Pachong has finally made statement after a Pic of him looking sick was shared on social.

David took to social media to inform people that he is diagnosed with cancer.

David Pachong Mading on November 16th 2019

While speaking to SBS Dinka reporter, David Chiengkou, Pachong discloses that he has been battling cancer for the last two years.

“Pachong told me that he has been battling what doctors described as ‘colon cancer’ for the last two years. He has been to Kampala to seek medical treatments and after everything failed with all surgeries, he was moved to Juba where he is now living with his young family. During our conversation David said, ‘In july, doctors gave me 7 days to live but here I am now. I am not dying that soon because I do hope i can overcome this.” Pachong said while speaking SBS Dinka Radio.

It is a hard time for Pachong but your words of encouragement, support and love will mean much to him. Here is his number +211924032732

Ajang Deng Chiengkou extended his help and open donation platform, people donated the little they had and David Pachong Mading is really appreciating it. Thank you for the hand!

David Pachong Mading today. 26/11/2019

I would would personally advised him and those taking care of him to take him to Synagogue Church of All Nations of Prophet TB Joshua in Nigeria. There is no sickness God can not cure/heal. Please help him!

May God almighty intervene in your health situation David Pachong Mading!