Bahr el Ghazal Students’ Union in Uganda elects new leaders in peaceful power transfer

One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.

“Bahr el Ghazal as the home region of the President of South Sudan, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, The Students of Bahr el Ghazal in Uganda are committed to set good example before others can. What we want to do is to set a peace standard at grassroots and embrace with other South Sudan regions as brothers and sisters.” Says David Thon

Bahr el Ghazal students in Uganda after two years, they have conducted peaceful elections earlier this week in Kampala Uganda.

The outgone chairlady of BASU, Deborah Mapuordit who hails from Western Lakes State said she tried her level best to shine light in Bahr el Ghazal but unfortunately due to her personal circumstances she spent most of her time in Juba. She handed over the power to her cabinets to carry on the Union, Jervas Makur Dhuol from Tonj became actin good chairperson.

Three weeks ago Electoral Commission was formed and sworn in to conduct peaceful transfer of power. This week the EC conducted elections in Chez Jameson Hotel Muyenga and the following people were elected into power by 50 delegates from states of Bahr el Ghazal:

    1.  Deng Wol Deng declared BASU Chairperson 2019-2020
    2. John Majok Kuch declared BASU Speakership 2019-202
    3. Tito Magor Mathiec declared BASU Secretary Genera 2019-2020
    4. Luar Mawith Akeen declared BASU Finance Secretary 2019-2020
BASU EC Chairperson, Muolana Akec Geng Wol addressing the delegates during elections.

“The unity that we start here further extend to our tomorrow, let’s maintain it and stand consistently by each other side” BASU EC chairperson, Muolana Akec Geng Wol stated.

The new elected leaders promised to keep the unity in Bahr el Ghazal alive and move on with the spirit of brotherhood. In addition to their commitment letters they swear to stand with Bahr el  Ghazal students in Uganda in any situation.

Delegates from states of Bahr el Ghazal during elections

BASU Electoral Commission will soon inaugurate new leaders and hand over their duties after full cabinet is formed.