St. Lawrence University graduates 219 South Sudanese Students today in Uganda

Uganda’s ranking university of the year in sports and education has held its 10th graduation today in Uganda.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Uganda’s Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, South Sudan defense attaches to five member states of East Africa, General Thiik Bol Giir, former Governor of Western Lakes State Abraham Makoi Kodi and many others.

219 South Sudanese students graduated from different faculty of St. Lawrence University- Uganda.

South Sudanese became second largest among other ten countries which have their students registered at St. Lawrence University.

President of South Sudanese Students at St. Lawrence University, Mangar Makoi Madeng expressed his happiness to the graduates and the parents behind them for having taken their time to stand firm behind these seeds which are yielding for the future of South Sudan.