Bec George: Statement on my kidnap & subsequent detention by the Military Intelligence (MI) of SSPDF

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my resilient wives and kids, my entire family, brothers and sisters and everyone who stood with and fought for me during this difficult time. Your effort was not in vain. It did not only help in securing my freedom per se but it also pacified and gave me courage to withstand the condition that I was subjected to. I am not going to mention all of you by names but get it from me today, deep in my heart, each one of you occupies a great space. Thank you all for your steadfast.

A very special thanks also go to, Hon. Akot Lual Arech, Hon. Rizik Dominic Samuel and Hon. Nyuol Justin Yac who volunteered and played a fundamental role in securing my freedom. I am so indebted to all of you, brothers.

To uncles: Prof. Moses Machar Kechuol, Prof. Frazer Tong Kuotwel and Gen. Makur Nhial Makeny, though you were repeatedly lied to and all your good efforts defied, I sincerely acknowledge and thank you for your attempts to mediate over this matter.

Reason behind my kidnapping and subsequent detention:
I am aware that many circumstances or reasons have been put forward as having led to my detention. For the information of everyone, I would like to make it abundantly clear that much of the information advanced as having led to my kidnapping and subsequent detention was inaccurate, baseless and misleading. I am not surprised either! This falsehood was peddled by people with vested interests and malicious intention to paint a picture of me that may suit their narrative-hate. To that extent, I hereby warn them that I retain all the rights to institute legal action against any one including the Khartom-based Arabic news paper (Al Intibaha) which even went extreme and maliciously published a false story against me.

Just to give you a brief insight of what exactly transpired; on the 26 July 2019, I shared on my Facebook timeline a post calling for the release of one Aroch Majok Abou Kechuol, a civilian and native of Yirol who was arbitrarily detained by MI on the direct orders of Chief of MI Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor, over a land matter in the Thongpiny suburb of Juba. As a politician and an enlightened citizen, I felt concern and the need therefore to speak up for the helpless Aroch. I threatened to expose those behind his illegal detention but fell short of specifying or mentioning names of his tormentors. Civilian Aroch was later released on the 27 September 2019 after two months in the military detention without investigation or trial.

However, due to the ambiguity of my post and as a person of interest to the Chief of MI, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor owing to our political differences, I fell prey to him instantly. The institution of MI was hoodwinked and made to believe that my post had something to do with endangering the security of MI or that of the government for that matter. It was on this basis that my kidnapping and subsequent detention was effected. Well, the logical question that any one would have asked themselves was, what MI “classified information” would be at risk of exposure by a civilian? I am neither a military guy nor have I ever worked at the MI or any military office whatsoever.

Like I said earlier, courtesy to your voices and the eventual honest assessment of the case by the MI Investigation Committee and Legal Advisors at MI, the matter was finally put to rest. I was finally freed from the illegal detention after 100 days with out trial.

This is precisely the brief story of my kidnapping and subsequent detention that I feel everyone ought to know today and in the same vein, I urge the public to ignore all the contrary information attributed to me, forthwith.

My condition in the detention:
In a matter riddled with clear manifestation of Yirol local politics and a glaring abuse of power, I must state that I was afforded a relatively fair treatment, barring initial chaining and restricted communications. I was not tortured as you all have once feared. Although there were attempts to torture me, the MI personnel in charge of the facility defied such attempts.

I commend and thank all officers and personnel of MI who steered clear of biases and exhibited a considerable level of independence. Keep it up! That is the only way we can protect our institutions from people who want to turn them into platforms for advancing their private interests.

Way forward.
At this point, it is clear that I have had my constitutional rights violated unjustly. The arbitrariness and the excessiveness with which this case was played is not commensurate to the nature and effect that my post should have caused.

I was kidnapped like a criminal and yet I have my known residence and an employee of the government. I was never issued arrest warrant, I was kept in a military detention for over 3 months without trial and yet I am a civilian. All these are affront to the principle of natural justice and as such, my fundamental rights and human rights were grossly violated.

To that extent, I will prepare my case and in the fullest of time, I shall pursue my justice against all the perpetuators: from kidnappers all the way to their boss who authorised them to carry out such illegality against me.

Imagine, in unprecedented move and I have revealed this to the investigation committee and MI legal officers, my kidnappers included officers from National Security who are relatives to Gen.Rin Tueny Mabor and above all they reside in his compound. After my release from detention, I made some consultations with National Security and MI to know whether those relatives and officers from National Security were part of the operation for my arrest. To my surprise, National Security Service wasn’t aware of any joint operation that was sent to arrest me. Among the National Security Officers whom I have seen with my naked eyes were;

1. 1st Lt. Abraham Mabut Makoi, GIB
2. 2nd Ltd Marek Maker Ater, GIB
3. 2nd Acakyang Manyang Mabor, GIB
4. 2nd Achol Kulang, ISB

In a nutshell, I want to state that I did not have any case against the MI as an institution nor did they have anything against me. *My post was entirely taken out of context.* I was only concerned with and wanted to expose the manner with which civilian Aroch Majok became a victim in the hands of people who have taken Yirol local politics to the national institution.

The institution was only dragged in, in an apparent abuse of power by a person who wanted to settle his political differences with me. The Investigation Committee and the Legal Advisors of the MI fully spotted this later and thus, why they finally freed me. I am now a free man at last.

Despite all the suffering I went through, I have no regrets. I will speak up again if I spot any abuse of powers by any constitutional post holder, albeit that I will try as much as possible to be clear and specific to avoid some forces of doom from taking advantage of the ambiguity of my messages.

My message to the highest authority of the Government:
It is now clear that institutions are being turned into platforms for settling private affairs and it is pertinent that a clear statement of action be issued against such officials who abuse their powers. An inaction of the government will therefore send a vote of confidence to the power abusers to continue perpetuating this menace against innocent civilians.

Finally, I once again, thank and applaud my resilient family for their perseverance; and everyone who stood with me in this difficult period. You are indeed people of immense valour that I will always associate with.

*NB* : Moving forward, as far as my security is concern, I want to bring to the attention of my family and the general public that, should anything happen to me, they shouldn’t look further than blame it squarely on Gen Rin Tueny for he has made his ill-intention widely known as evidenced by this case.

Bec George Anyak
Former Minister of Finance and Public Service
Eastern Lakes State-Yirol.