Meet Kuek Deng Kuek top first class Degree in Public Health in St. Lawrence University – Ugandan

Firstly, Kuek Deng Kuek who emerged victorious for his performance has he topped Public Health class for having attained first Class Degree with the bachelors of science in Public Health from St. Lawrence University said that life sometimes makes itself alone. Wonderfully, he says how did he manage to be named a mong graduands? He says there came a time when he could not think of further studies because tuition fee but his Maternal uncle Wek Wek Tingkeya called him one faithful day and told that he should go to advance studies.

He was like how? And that was 2015 when he was also working for world vision south sudan as Community Mobilizer, stand still he didn’t believe it then in the day later he was also contacted by his closest friend who conveyed to him the same, the friend was also a childhood brother him by name Deng Deng Thel, therefore, Kuek was still doubting the credibility of the decision being taken by his uncle and he seems to have halfway believed but the fact that his uncle was the one who enrolls him to one of the bush school called Atukuel Primary school in 2004, later to Alek Primary in 2006 and to Kuajok Boys Primary School where he completed his PLE, he later on got enrolled to Standard High School Alek he completed South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education in 2014 then the idea of further came in, he came to Uganda and begun with Foundation Program in 2016 after that he got admitted to degree program which he just completed few days a long.

According to Kuek, he recalled the question that his boss asked him at the time when they were going to Twic he says that the question was, what do you do with the money you are getting from this job? And why did you choose to work while you are still young and at the age when you supposed to be studying? Alex his boss, was worried about how would a young man like Kuek would not be studying when he has the ability to do so? He pledged to help Kuek at him if things falls a part, Kuek can or must study to release his futuristic brightness.

When Kuek came to Uganda to do his studies he was first admitted to do his pre university studies program which he was not prepared for, because he was thinking that he would definitely start with degree program and because education system in Uganda could not let him do so. certificate directly to degree, Kuek wondered and same to his uncle too. He accepted to continue with it not because he likes it but the system would not accept to do degree directly.

While in Uganda how did Kuek copied with life, he and the rest formed the group commonly known as “miith ma miith te thiiok” this group helped him to be mindful about his mission and keep him focused on his studies till he had to get what he got surprisingly. Said those who formed the group with him were those of Kur Baak Nyang aka Kur Mawut, Giir Thiik Arop, Yel Kuec Maker, Deng Mayot Kuol, Akuindiik Abiem Akeen, Deng Deng Thel, Majak Lual Majak, Aluet Deng Ayii and sister Pajok Deng from Bor. he said was so inspirational to him because as a married man to a wife by name Angeth Lual Anyak, he was very worried about his wife and his kids but the group motivated to stay focused.

On the other hand, Kuek talked about what he calls the big or senior friends, he named one of the very important friend in his life in the person of Diplomat Joseph Anyak as someone who has done a lots to him be it moral support, financial support and brotherly advise he was able to consult with him at all aspects.

Anyak Lual is the person he said to have helped in various avenues including the fact that he almost to miss graduation because he not able to cater for the ticket from Wau to Juba let a lone Uganda or Etebee International airport. Not only that but whenever, he asks for any help from Anyak he was always there to help throughout his studies life. He remembered a saying from Anyak in which he asked Joseph one day how did you come to be helping like this really? Then Joseph said you know what people helps in an individual is not physical look but what they see in you and your ability to change from bad situations to the good one.

He concluded by saying that what the friends played in any individual to become is real and that when God choose to give you chance to do something he will always relate with people who can aide to do so, he talks of Anyak Lual as Friend, his uncle Wek Wek, his childhoods friends Deng Deng Thel, Yel Kuec, Akuindiik Abiem Akeen and Mayot Kuol to have helped him to accomplish his study vision or goal. The medal or accolade he is receiving today for his academic performance is atributted to this friends he says. Kuek ended by saying that being associative with friends whose vision relates can impact you or assist you to become successful. He says that May God bless his friends.