SAD NEWS: Twi of Greater Bor attacked an Island in Shambe, Yirol at midnight killing 85 people including women & children

Twi a section of Greater Bor yesterday midnight attacked Cue-Akueet an Island in  Shambe, Yirol with RPG-7 leaving 85 people dead. They attackers launched fight at 2:30AM when people were sleeping, says residents.

According to citizens of Ador Manyang the residents of Cuet-Akueet which is a Shambe, Yirol – Bahr el Ghazal territory they were attacked by Twi Bor yesterday night. The attackers came in with high speed boat and fired the Island with RPG-7

A student stressed out that “The innocent people who lost their lives include young strong men from Ador Manyang Jook namely Adut Angeth Kooc the man who managed to secure Yirol East.”

Picture: Adut Angeth Kooc, among people killed.

Last year same issue arose in Shambe where by elements from Twi Bor attacked citizens of Yirol killing several of them.

“During Bor Massacre of 1991 which almost finish Twi Bor, Yirol most especially Ador Manyang Jook hosted Twi Bor who were badly affected by the war. Similar to 2014, currently Twi Bor are still being accommodated in Mingkaman (Guolyar) in Yirol. But unfortunately they still pay Yirol back will sad and terrifying surprises!” Says Ciec citizens.

“As we speak, all the people who were leaving in that Island we have only received four people while 85 were killed and authorities from both communities will soon intervene in the matter,” says residents

Video of Lake Shambe

Lake Shambe (Mabor Anyoop) along River Nile in Yirol East it is the biggest lake in South Sudan. And I t is believed to be the end of Bahr el Ghazal Road by Mathon Mathon. Land of Ciec how beautiful 🌾🌷🌺❤️

Posted by Jïɛɛŋ Yirol on Thursday, November 22, 2018