Luka Biong: Dr Francis Deng Majok for the 2020 El Tayeb Salih’s Award for Creative Writing

In recognition of his writings, the 2020 El Tayeb Salih’s Award for Creative Writing is been awarded to Dr Francis Deng. I am sure that Dr Francis is destined to receiving Nobel Price in Literature. Ms Stella Gitano is the first South Sudanese to receive this award in 2014. Here are some of the books published by Dr Francis Deng at national, regional and international levels.

Recollections of Babo Nimir, Ithaca Press, 1982.
Dynamics of Identification: A Basis for National

Integration, Khartoum University Press, 1974
Peace and Unity in the Sudan: An African Achievement, Khartoum University Press, 1973.
Afro-Arab Cooperation in the Sudan, Ministry of Culture and Information, 1974.
Preventive Diplomacy: The Case of Sudan, African Culture for Constructive Resolution of Disputes, 1997
Diplomacy and Development in the Sudan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1976.
Seed of Redemption: A political Novel, Lilian BarberPress, 1986.
Cry of the Owl: A Novel, Lilian Barber Press, 1989.
Partners for Peace: An Initiative on the Sudan with General Obasanjo, Africa Leadership Forum, 1998.
The Search for Peace and Unity in the Sudan, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, 1987.
The Challenges of Famine Relief: Emergency Operations in Sudan, the Brookings Institution, 1992.
Their Brothers’ Keepers: Report of the IGAD Resorce Persons , Inter-Africa Group, 1997.
Bonds of Silk:The Human Factor in the British Administration in the Sudan, Michigan University Press, 1989
War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan, the Brookings Institution, 1995.
New Sudan in the Making?, 2010
Sudan at the Brink: Selfdetermination and National Unity, Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs, Fordham University Press, 2010.
Bound by Conflict: Dilemma of the Two Sudans, Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs, the Fordham University Press, 2016.
Reflections on South Sudan National Dialogue, Supported by UNDP, 2018.
Visitations: Conversations with the Ghost of the Chairman, Red Sea Press/Africa World Press, 2020.

Conflict Resolution in Africa, the Brookings Institute, 1991.
Human Rights in Africa: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, the Brookings Institution, 1990.
Sovereignty and Responsibility: Conflict Management in Africa , The Brookings Institution, 1996.
African Reckoning: A Quest for Good Governance, The Brookings Institution, 1998.
A Strategic Vision for Africa: The Kampala Movement, The Brookings Institution, 2002.
Identity, Diversity and Constitutionalism for Africa, The United States Institute for Peace, 2008.
Selfdetermination and National Unity: A Challenge for Africa, The Red Sea Press/Africa World Press, 2010.

Talking It Out: Stories in Negotiating Human Relations, Routledge, 2006.
Protecting the Dispossessed: A Challenge for the International Community, The Brookings Institution, 1993.
Masses in Flight: The Global Crisis of Internal Displacement, The Brookings Institution, 1998.
Foresaken People: Case Studies in Internal Displacement, The Brookings Institution, 1998
Idealism and my Realism: Negotiating Sovereignty in Divided Nations, The Dag Hammarsjkold Foundation, 2010
By Luka Biong