Meet Mal Biel, the graduate who took her Master’s Degree back to grandfather & uncle who stood by her

Mal Biel Tutdeal from Gambella topped social media viral stories tonight. Mal is a Master’s degree graduate who took her gowns back to the people that stood by her during the struggling from Sudan to Ethiopia during the civil war of Sudan in 1991. 

Every touching story has its moral to give others hope, the moral of her story is two sided; 1) never give up no matter what situation you may face. 2) never forget those who were there for you when no one was. Mal Biel the below story on Facebook:

This wonderful human being is my grandfather! The last time he saw me was 1992 in Nasir, Sudan (now South Sudan). I left him and my father as a 7 year old little girl and returned to him a 34 year woman and a two-time college graduate. He was the one who buried my late father. I don’t have to tell you all what he was feeling as you can see it in his face and in his whole being! I am my ancestors wildest dream!

When you take your Master’s degree back home to the uncle that helped you survived the walk from Ethiopia to Sudan in 1991.

-The journey of an African woman
Mal Biel Tutdeal