Madi attacks South Sudanese refugees at Nyumazi Refugees Camp in Northern Uganda

Fighting erupted between South Sudanese refugees and Madi tribe in refugee camp, Nyumazi, Northern Uganda.

Madi man was found dead in the bathroom yesterday night in Nyumazi’s main market which has resulted into big fighting between the Host Community (Madi) and Refugees (South Sudanese).

The situations is currently calmed and our South Sudanese sustained more injures through bow’s arrows shooting. Nyumazi Market have been robbed and destroyed.

According to Ayom, a refugee in Nyumazi said Madi attacked South Sudanese when there are many other nationals in the town. “Not only South Sudanese, who are operating businesses in Nyumazi’s Market but almost everyone including Darfurian, Bugandan, Acholi, Madi and many more so I don’t know why this case is turned against us as South Sudanese especially Dinkas” he said.

“We better quit their home since Peace has come back to our country, they don’t know that they are benefiting from us, Nyumazi was a very deep bush or forest before our arrival, but right now their youth are getting money as well as education and health services delivered by UNHCR” said Ayom.