Governor Victor Atem’s houses burn to ashes in Gogrial State

The houses of the governor of Gogrial state Hon. Victor Atem Atem have been once again set on fire and burned to ashes with all the properties on Monday night at his home village in Mayom Cholluk, Gogrial by unidentified people.

The press office of the governor said ”the groups were spotted to have come by car and burnt down the houses. Damages and properties lost are not yet confirmed as the Governor Hon. Atem Atem has just reached there one hour ago”.

The minister of Information in Gogrial said Hon. Victor Atem Atem is a victim of his own success in having resolved senseless conflict in Gogrial state.

He further revealed that governor Atem said that, “If burning houses of our innocent people of this state plus killings stopped at expenses of my properties for two times in two years, let it be”.

The Speaker of Gogrial Assembly Hon. Ariech Mayar Ariech condemned the act in the strongest term possible saying tempering with the personal property of government’s leader is very malicious, wrong targeting strategy, outdated evil hatred and Cowardice act.

”I once oppose to governors in the past times but never atall dream or think of deleting his/her existent in the community”, Mayar said.

He urge top political opposers to incumbent governor and people of Gogrial state to adopt non-violent paths when they disagree to agree which is the only credited mature way of politickings.

”Those behind this repeatedly terrorization of governor-family’s shelter at home village would not, no matter how long, escape the full course of law”, Speaker Mayar said.

This is not the first time the houses of governor Victor Atem Atem have been burned to ashes in Mayom Choluk village. In 2018, the houses were burned into ashes at night killing two dogs, goats, sheep and cows.

No suspect arrested in connection to the burning of the houses.
Twic Media Reports