In South Sudan, People Use Witchcraft To Become Rich And Thank God For Success

By Susan Dennis
Witchcraft includes the use of harmful medicines, charms, magic to become rich and successful in the society.

Witchcraft is a practice that has been in existence since time memorial and its impact has been evident in our communities instilling fear amongst the society.

Witchcraft has been heard of where religion tries to relate certain occurrences to it.

In South Sudan today men and women are so much into witchcraft practice to win love or jobs and in business to be rich and they later tend to thank God after such satanic acts.

South Sudanese has not been known of witchcraft since I know few might be there but not all over South Sudan wide.

Witchcraft is said to cause disease in humans and animals, bad luck, sudden unforeseen death alongside other misfortunes.

Witchcraft has been associated with the Christian faith as its origin due to the fight between good and evil.

Witchcraft practice is not Godly and bad for your life do try it, look on to God.