South Sudan’s Machar calls for reconciliation after TB Joshua’s prayers for peace in troubled nation

In the aftermath of TB Joshua’s historic peace mission to South Sudan, the prominent opposition and SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny has called to “cement the new page of reconciliation” during a Christmas message.

During Joshua’s visit on 12th November 2019, he told President Salva Kiir Mayardit during a public address at the Presidential Palace, “Time has come for us to place our differences behind us.”

“This is that the voice of God. Our leaders should overcome their division and comply with work together for the great of the country,” he insisted, adding that “peace has no price” and leading the state during a heartfelt prayer for peace.

Shortly after the clerics visit, renewed hope that sustainable peace is close on the horizon for the world’s youngest nation as Dr. Riek Machar visited the capital Juba for 2 weeks trying to settle with President Kiir on several pending problems with a peace agreement that the 2 men had signed last year to finish the war.

In his Christmas message, Machar who is additionally the country’s First Vice President-designate urged the people of South Sudan “to cement the new page of reconciliation and forgiveness that started since September 12, 2018.”

“I am scripting this Christmas and New Year message just on my return from Juba to Khartoum, I even have spent two full weeks in Juba pushing for the implementation of the outstanding critical pre-transitional tasks like security arrangements, number of states, ensuring that political space is opened in order that peace dissemination is conducted during a secured environment.

“Our mechanisms performing on implementation of the R-ARCSS have now spent over a year in Juba. Most will work even on the Christmas. “

In the sunshine of the progress made during the face to face meetings in Juba, we also are looking forward to the meeting that shall be convened by IGAD Special Envoy and facilitated by the President of the Republic of South Africa within the first week of January 2020 to work out the amount of states and their boundaries.

“On behalf of the SPPLM/SPLA (IO), I wish the people of South Sudan a Merry Christmas and a cheerful New Year wherever they’re in our country – in towns, rural areas or within the protection of civilians sites (POCS) or within the refugee camps. I wish all of them happy festivities.

“It is my pleasure to call upon our people to seize this celebrative season to cement the new page of reconciliation and forgiveness that started since September 12, 2018. By embarking on this process, we will achieve healing and overcome the pains and therefore the suffering caused by the tragic war because it is clear that the material of our society has destroyed and our communities are divided along ethnic fault lines.

“It is now the time for all folks to figure together to unite our people and mend the material of our society again as we remember the Prince of Peace, the Savior Jesus. once more I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Lord consolidate the Peace in our country. God bless us all.”

Last week, President Salva Kiir and Machar agreed to make a transitional unity government by a February deadline albeit they don’t resolve key political disputes by that point. On Monday, the duo additionally agreed to renew face-to-face talks on all outstanding issues after the culmination of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“Dr. Machar is predicted to visit Khartoum on Tuesday, but he will come to Juba after the vacation season,” Tut Gatluak, Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs, told reporters. According to the presidential adviser, the 2 principles reaffirmed their commitment to making sure that lasting peace is achieved in South Sudan. Today News Africa.