FACTS: South Sudanese Ladies Are More Helpful Than Their Men In The Society Today

Everyone in the society is born with special roles to play. Both girls and boys are born with potential energy to fight for their big dreams.

Today in South Sudanese society what a man can do, a woman can also do whether educated or not what matters in mind and ideas to pursue business.

Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr. is founder and CEO of the SSITI, with more than 10 years experience in the petroleum and oil industry, he said to have the best skills in the oil business.

Lawrence is best known for swimming in millions of dollars and paying million dollar bills, Lual as a self proclaimed millionaire he has helped churches and few organizations according to his Facebook posts but he did not help orphans or build schools for them.

Lawrence Lual has been charged of money scam and he is now in prison in Uganda.

Achai Wiir is a South Sudanese businesswoman, socialite known for her generosity aspects. She’s also known for her remarkable efforts in reconciling South Sudaneses communities within South Sudan and her neighboring countries.

Achai Wiir gave out gifts and cars to disables and artists this year. In Facebook review, Chuol Majok Pal suggested that Achai Wiir is not just a woman of her own but a woman for all.

Achai Wiir organized multiple events which brought youths together for peace and cultures building, Achai Wiir helped clear medical bill of helpless South Sudanese which cost her more than $10,000 in Egypt compare to Lawrence Lual.

This year Achai Wiir received humanitarians wards. All of these and some great things other girls are doing out there convinced me that South Sudanese girls are helpful to their families and country at large.

A lot of men today chose to neglect their love ones and the country and tend to waste money outside than spending it in the country or extending hand to needy which does not cross ladies’ minds.