Museveni says he will not seek re-election in 2036

President Museveni has said that he will not contest for power in 2036, because his vision for the country will be obscured by poor vision as a result of old age, The Rogue understands.

Museveni reportedly told an inner circle of friends and relatives during the festive period at Rwakitura that in 2036, he will be too old and would rather live comfortably at his farm.

After the meeting, Museveni took his grandchildren on a tour of his farm telling them that this will be his major preoccupation 16 years from now.

Indeed, Museveni is currently 75 years and is widely expected to seek re-election in 2021.
After 2021, there will be two elections (2026 and 2031) for which he still hopes to contest, assuming he still has the energy.

Yet for the elections of 2036, he believes that will be a long shot not worth taking.
In 2036, Museveni will be 92 years of age, having been born in 1944.

Museveni reportedly said at this age, all he will be left with will be to live and occasionally wander into one of his kraals at Rwakitura.

For most days, he will most likely be stationed on the imposing verandah of his Rwakitura where he will bask in the sun as he listens to radio.

He said will also reserve time for his great grandchildren and impart in them the cultural values.

He said he does not want to attempt to break former Malawi President Kamuzu Banda’ record when he contested for elections in 1994 at the age of 96 years.
He lost to Bakili Muluzi and died three years later aged 99 years.

Neither will he want to go the Robert Mugabe route. Mugabe, the late Zimbabwean president, was “overthrown” by his army in 2017 after 30 years in power.

Museveni said: “At 92 years, I will be in need of some rest. I have worked tirelessly all these years and I have restored peace, I have ushered in economic development. Surely I will have played my part.”

He said he will not be sure which shape NRM will be in because will not interfere with the party processes of finding his successor.

The president then told his friends to pray for him to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
Source: Nile Post