Yirol Cattle Keepers: “Exclude us from looming WW3 because we do not need our cattle raided!”

Yirol Cattle Keepers sends their messages of excluding themselves from looming WW3 in case Africa joins. Cattle keepers in Yirol declared themselves neutral saying they do not want their cattle raided.

“We ‘acöt-wutic’ Yirol are writing to let everyone know that we do not want to be part of looming WW3 in case Africa joins, we need our cattle not to be raided in any war with neighbors or any so, exclude us from your war our lost cows are enough.”

They actually thought it is a cattle war!

SSTMZ: We heard the news that US assassinated the Iranian top military commander, we have nothing to do with that. We are young country trying to stand on its feet’s so please kindly don’t involve us.