Ugandan Woman Banned From Getting Pregnant Again After Having 44Kids At Age 36

(Ghanamma) – A mother in Uganda has been banned from getting pregnant after giving birth 44 times to 44 kids.

Mariam Nabatanzi at 12 she got married to a 40 years old man. She gave birth to twins the subsequent year.

But thanks to a genetic condition that led her to having unusually large ovaries that produced multiple eggs per cycle, Mariam had many babies per pregnancy.

She gave birth to a complete of six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, and five sets of quadruplets.

All in all, she had 15 pregnancies, all with multiple births that resulted to a complete of 44 babies. She lost six babies in childbirth but had to require care of the remainder of her 38 children.

Mariam left Doctors with no choice but banning her from getting pregnant again.

Noting that banning her from giving birth again is for her own good, Mariam got exited saying she is finally free.

Mariam said that she already asked doctors to give her assistance after the primary few pregnancies, but she was told that contraception bills might cause other health complications because of her genetic condition.