Horrifying Photos Of Starving Lions In Sudan Park Spark Campaign To Save The Animals

An online campaign to rescue five reportedly sick and starving African lions at a park in Sudan’s capital continues to grow, together of the lions is claimed to possess died on Monday.

The lions are held in cages at the Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park. The animals allegedly haven’t had adequate food or medicine for weeks, consistent with several reports.

Over the weekend Sman Salih walked past the park and after seeing the lions and their horrible conditions, decided to start out a web campaign called #SudanAnimalRescue so as to boost awareness about what’s happening and to assist save the animals.

Park officials and veterinarians told AFP that the lions’ conditions had deteriorated over the past few weeks as food became less available within the midst of Sudan’s depression.

Source: Sman Salih | C: 9Gag
Source: Sman Salih | C: 9Gag

Essamelddine Hajjar, a manager at the park, told the outlet:
Food isn’t always available so often we pip out from our own money to feed them.
Moataz Mahmoud, one among the caretakers at the park, said:
They are affected by severe illnesses. they’re sick and appear to be malnourished.
The park is managed by Khartoum municipality but also funded partially by private donors.
Sudan is within the midst of a worsening depression , led by soaring food prices and foreign currency shortage.

Source: Sman Salih | C: 9gag
Source: Sman Salih | C: 9gag
Source: Sman Salih | C: 9gag
Source: Sman Salih | C: 9gag

On Monday, Salih reported that one among the lions, a female, died from her illness, while another had been transported to a clinic for better care.

He also announced that he had finally submitted paperwork for a partnership with FOUR PAWS International, who are going to be sending “an emergency rescue to rehabilitate the animals not only at Qurashi zoo but other parks in Sudan also as train staff at wildlife authority.”
Credit: 9gag | Visit m.9gag.com