The mismatch of the United Mission in South Sudan(UNMISS)

BY John Yath Majak
The roles of the United Nations mission in any country where they are posted in,Are Protecting civilians, monitoring human rights & supporting the implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement.

But as a case of Abyei recent attacked. what mission did they apply to?

In my opinion, they have been using the monitoring of human rights as an excuse for them to devastated the world and let alone the people to be murdering themselves.

Yet, The primary purpose is to protect civil populations around that Area of Abyei but what I know from the United Nations bodies is contrary to what they are entrusted to do.

As a matter of facts, We are there to reject the extension of UNMISS mandate if their time comes to an end because they create a lof confusion between the government and her citizens meanwhile our civil population constantly puts the blame on Government side that the state fails to protect its civilians.

To my fellow citizens of Abyei, I’m here to extend the deepest condolences to the entire community and those who lost their loved ones, the innocent children, the young men and women may your beautiful souls rest in eternal peace.

It’s our collective responsibility to stands together and protect our territory from the external aggression no matter how our country is experiencing the wave of internal conflict that confronted our attention and I believe one day, South Sudan will be renounced as one of the peaceful country in African continent if we realised our own mistakes and committed to cultivating our wishes.

It’s my wish to extend a request to all conflicting parties to realise how the country fall under the age of mass battalion. It’s better to forgive each other and say sorry to the entire citizens for taking them to this very astounding situations.

Let’s continue giving support to our government to implement peace accord!!!
Opinion by John Yath Majak