This Couple Just Celebrated Their 82 Years of Marriage — He is 103 and She is 100!

A Black couple, D.W. and Willie Williams, who are 103 and 100 years old respectively, have recently celebrated their anniversary and their birthdays, which were only every week apart. After 82 years of being happily married, the pair remains going strong!

Their daughter, Alice Erin, and granddaughter, BJ Williams-Greene, hosted a celebration at a primary Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church , where they need been members for 19 years. They celebrated the Williams’ long lives and marriage and sang hymns with their friends and family.

The couple, who met in Newberry, South Carolina in 1935 and married in 1937, have one child and one grandchild.

“My grandparents’ marriage is an idea . they convey and make decisions together, they strive and achieve together and everybody loves them because they’re genuine. they only inspire everyone to be the simplest they will be,” Williams-Greene told  Good Morning America. “They have had such an extended , successful marriage because they put God first and are each other’s best friends.”

The couple, who won the state’s contest for the longest marriage in 2014, said they enjoyed watching country westerns and playing crossword puzzles together. They also believe that communication is extremely important.

“We don’t argue or have any fights. If we’ve a misunderstanding, we just talk it over,” they said. “The secret to an extended marriage is simply be nice to every other.”

Moreover, they shared that they’ve lived through the good Depression, the civil rights era, and various wars together. But they were ready to overcome it because “there were tons of individuals willing to help , who didn’t let the colour of our skin substitute the way,” they said.

When asked what they might do if they might tend another 100 years, D.W. replied, “I don’t know.”

“Sit round the house,” Willie added, making her husband laugh.

Source: BlackNews