BREAKING: President Kiir Proposed 24+1 States

If Juba is to accept 24 states plus Abyei, here is the formula according to the President of the Republic, this position is not final. It’s a proposal but may change after consultation today.

President Kiir presents the proposed names of the would be 24 states and also outlined states to be dismissed if the government of South Sudan is to buy the IGAD’s idea of 24+1.

Proposal on Ten States were also put across by the President. The ball is now on the people of South Sudan.

1. Bieh State
2. Fangak State
3. Jonglei State
4. Boma State
5. Liech State
6. Central Upper Nile State
7. Fashoda State
8. Latjor State
9. Northern Upper Nile
10. Ruweng State
11. Eastern Lakes State
12. Western Lakes State
13. Aweil East State
14. Aweil State
15. Gogrial State
16. Tonj State
17. Wau State
18. Raja State
19. Jubek State
20. Yei State
21. Torit State
22. Kapoeta State
23. Yambio State
24. Maridi State
25. Abyei Administrative Area

States to be deleted…
1. Southern Liech State
2. Akobo State
3. Terekeka State
4. Amadi State
5. Maiwut State
6.Tombura State
7.Lol State
8. Twic State
9. Gok state.
By Garang John