Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng: “Three Women Must Be Appointed As Governors”

Three women must be named governors in states to allow in 35 percent of women in the peace agreement, says Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng.

Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister of Information, Communication, Technology, and Postal Services, stated that Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng said in Wednesday’s first extraordinary ministerial council that she wished the main parties to name three woman Governors in States.

The government spokesperson stated to the reporters that the vice president called on the SPLM-IG to allocate two female governor roles and one from the SPLM-IO to fulfill 35 percent female allocation.

“She [Nyandeng] talks about the issue of 35 percent that the number available and present in the cabinet is less than 35 percent as provided for in the agreement,” said Makuei.

“She [Nyandeng] is saying that at least we [women] must be given three governors’ positions two from incumbent TGONU and one from IO, in so doing, they [women] will be satisfied and this will meet their expectation.”