Meet Powerful Dinka Chief from Ador, Manyangdit Jook Nai who lived for 141 years. 1864 – 2005

Chief Ayualdit Jook Nai is one of Jieng superior leaders who served and offered their willingness in the struggle for South Sudan. He supported the movement with his super powers and was able to send his people to the war with confidence.

He said he would not die before possible accomplishment of the struggle. In accordance he assured Dr. John Garang and Salva Kiir who could come to him that it was just a narrow to the promise land, immediately after Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed on 9th of January 2005, he later spent only 6 months on earth unfortunately he passed away on 5th July 2005. Sadly we lost heroes that month as Dr. John Garang died in tragic helicopter crash on 30th of July that same year.

Manyangdit Jook Nai died on 5th July 2005 and was buried on 9th July 2005. He lived on Earth for 141 years.

Adior became potential place and safest for civilians until Adior was once attacked in 1997 and all were safe, Ador did not respond but God almighty gave the enemy severe punishment flesh could fall off as they tried to shoot innocent civilians.

When he died it rained constantly for 7 days as kind of blessing to his children. There was plenty of food and pasture for animals. In Yirol East most of the children born that year were named after him.

Manyangdit Jook during his visit to Nairobi Kenya in 2001