Kenyatta University students made ventilator which can be used by Coronavirus patients

A group of 16 students from the University of Kenya faculties of pharmacy, healthcare and nursing have created a prototype of Ventilator using locally produced materials for 7 days, under the guidance of their deans.w

This Ventilator can be used by CoronaVirus Patients.

In the first public display of the Ventilator at a cost of Ksh.500,000 ($5,000), it was attended by Kenya Minister for Industrialization Betty Maina and University’s Vice Chancellors Wanaina the team said that they can build up to 50 Ventilators in a week.

Such a life saving medical devices will now be developed as a result of the the number of positive COVID19 cases currently standing at 191 reported cases in Kenya, and they await formal government approvals and certification.

There are presently 259 Ventilators in Kenya with more than half of them in use for patients with other respiratory conditions.

COVID-19 virus causes respiratory diseases and the Ventilator is important when the infection affects the patient’s breathing system, especially in serious cases.