Facts: Telar Ring Responsible For 2013 Civil War

Telar Ring Deng has a heavy hand in South Sudan crisis after advising President Salva Kiir to relieve the entire cabinet in July 2013 when he was the Presidential Advisor.

In January 2018 he was accused of taking part in a secret that was meant to toppled the government, he stated in his Facebook timeline and quoted exactly, “if I want to Rebel,I will first resign from my current position as an ambassador ” He stated.

In the record, it is not the first time for Telar Ring Deng to Rebel. He has been in the heart of rebellion before some of us were not born.

For example  in 1991, he joined South Sudan Independence Movement  (SSIM ) under Dr Riek Machar Teny and disowned him after seven months.

Later he attached himself to Dr Lam Akol in the confusion between Salva Kiir and Dr John Garang, Telar Ring was in the mid of its carrying mix massages.    

Telar has never form his own rebellion but he has only been pissy bagging himself on other’s people projects.

History repeated itself and Telar will end up with one of the many group but under cover of someone. Take it from me. By Riak Maker