After Ridding This Boda-Boda For 5 Years, Ajak Bior Managed To Buy This Mini Mus (Noah)

After ridding this Boda-Boda for nearly five (5) years, this gentleman ( Ajak Bior Alier-kuuk) managed to buy  this mini bus (Noah) for his business.

He has officially upgraded himself from Boda boda work to mini bus service. He is a man of vision, hope and dreams. Yesterday, he managed to get the road license for the vehicle to start making money.

This is a dream come true and I hope he will inspire other young men in Angakuei and in South Sudan to work harder to improve thier own lives.

Please join me to congratulate him for this achievement. Maburuk, Ajak Pieth! we look forward to seing a mega bus in the next five years. 🤝