COVID-19 Is Killing People Faster More Than World War II. It Is Time For African Leaders To Act

With increasing number of Coronavirus cases around the world, the pandemic is stemmed to be killing people faster more than World War II. US alone reported more 2000 death toll per a day.

For as a country that’s still recovering from impinge of past conflicts, it is a real test to our capacity either to exist or not to exist as a new nation on 21th century.

With the emerging of coronavirus pandemic that’s threatening the living styles and cultures  of world today, we they leaders must rethink about the State centric security by investing more on human security that would enhance our abilities to deter such threats in the nearest future.

African and European leaders have called for the World Food Programme (WFP) to spearhead the humanitarian response to COVID-19 in Africa, inviting an immediate moratorium on debt and unprecedented health and economic aid packages — otherwise “the pandemic will hit Africa particularly hard, prolonging the crisis globally”.

By Peter Mayuk