Africa The Sleeping Giant It’s Time To Wake Up, The Future Lies With You

It started at the epicenter and the reports spread to the world, COVID-19 is devastating. It has changed the normal way of business and a lot to do with the economy during this pandemic. A lot has been shared to prevent the spread and many people have adopted to the new norm, the solidarity being demonstrated by many countries in Africa is outstanding.

The strength of a country will not be based on their economy but it will be measured on how they overcome this challenge that is directly affecting its citizens. As it is evident you can have a strong economy but mitigating a pandemic becomes a challenge it all depends on priority. Africa is not an exception in this pandemic, for many years from the colonial times is still a mystery how Africa abandoned its rich culture.

The good thing with Africa it has been able to acquire the best from the western countries. Today most Africans countries have a better infrastructure and connectivity. This comes at a cost which makes Africa to be perceived as a borrower, with the many dept. Loans are always good to help in building a nation however the terms will always bring you on your knees when it comes to pay back. “When the deal is to good think twice” Africa has always been the target in this deals and a lot of its wealth is trapped as collateral.

Africa countries are believed to have very diverse and strong culture which is very crucial when it comes to building the pillar of unity. Many countries in Africa have a lot of innovations and future solutions which are rarely utilized, a part from the few that bit the tide. Africa has the potential as many solutions lies with its many problems it faces. Most of the challenges in health Africans have been known to make treatment from plant and self-medication.  Madagascar has shown the world that herbs are still very useful when it comes to fight of the deadly coronavirus. Africans should support this initiative, as the response has been good many countries have approved its use to cure and prevent the spread of the virus.

Africa has entered on its decisive phase to choose the way forward. With a secure decision it’s time for Africa to brighten the solution and own it to share the rest of the world. Treatment is treatment whether herbal or vaccine its time WHO acknowledge self-medication and safe lives. There are many ways to kill a rat, given that the objective is met everything else does not matter when it comes to life. Africa has a way of doing its things, they might differ from how the real cure is perceived to look like. Africa has a lot of utilized potential in medicine to many diseases. It’s a call for Africa to take the research and innovations to the next level.

Africa the sleeping giant it’s time to wake up, the future lies with you. Let’s use our strength to our own advantage in solidarity to the fight of this pandemic.
Credit: Opera News