Rwanda deploys robots in treating COVID-19 patients. One robot can screen 150 patients in 1minute

Amazingly Rwandans are using robots to keep health workers and patients safe in fighting against COVID-19 Pandemic.

Robots are now part of Rwanda’s fight against COVID-19 and will help minimize risk of infections among health care workers, authorities said on Tuesday.

Five robots have been tested to help patients by monitoring their vital signs and sending that information to doctors in the hospital. The robots are also able to deliver food, water and medicine to patients in wards and can help the patient communicate with the doctor remotely 4 times a day via videoconferencing on its “face”

The Robots named Akazuba, Ikizere, Mwiza, Ngabo and Urumuri were donated by UNDP Rwanda and received by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation on Tuesday afternoon.

Anti-Epidemic Robots | AA

Stephen Rodriques, UNDP Resident Representative, delivered the robots to the hospital in the presence of ICT Minister Paula Ingabire and Health Minister Dr. Daniel Ngamije.

“I am very grateful to Rwandair for their support, the MINICT Team, Zorabots Africa and other government stakeholders that played a behind-the-scenes role in enabling us to get these robots,” Rodriques said.

“This was a genuine collaborative effort, for which I am grateful,” he said, adding that, “in a few short weeks I hope to be also handing over new lab equipment and ICU beds to assist you in your efforts to save lives and contain the virus.”

“Solidarity matters to overcome this global pandemic,” he added.

Each robot cost approx US$30,000. Total cost for 5 robots including shipping and maintenance for one year was US$178,000. The promised ICU beds and lab equipment will cost about US$1 million (About Rwf1 billion).

Rwanda has 314 cases but 216 already recovered with no deaths and no serious cases in critical care, but they are ready.