Group of Black men form human shield to protect police officer during protest

Prodigy from Mobb Deep said it best when he rapped, “There’s a war going on outside. No man is safe.”

While the record is over 25 years old, it still rings true. There is a war going on outside and it is traumatizingly scary.

What was supposed to be a peaceful expression of protest with the express aim to shed light on the death of George Floyd has in some cases turned violent.

But just like there were examples on social media of people (in multiple cities) guarding Targets and local business, not only to stop looters from destroying the multi-million dollar retail store but to ensure that in the morning mothers could go and get milk and pampers for their children, people are coming together to do the right thing.

Earlier, reported that in Louisville, white women lined their bodies up arm-interlocked-with-arms to become a partition between the Louisville police and Black and brown protestors.

In another extraordinary example of pure humanity coming out of Louisville, a group of Black men formed a human chain to protect a police officer from the riotous crowd after he was separated from his group. While post protesters were there to be heard and honor Floyd’s life, some instead saw the opportunity to take their frustration out on a cop.

Images of the act of valor went viral on social media.

Bethany S. Mandel @bethanyshondark posted, “Meanwhile this iconic shot out of Louisville of protestors protecting a cop who got separated from his unit.”

Source: Thegrio