Looming Persecution of the South Sudanese In North Sudan

Sadly, there is horror and terror faceing South Sudanese in North Sudan, particularly Khartoum.

Hundreds of South Sudanese Badly beaten by Sudanese authorities after their homes we’re burned Down Completely.

The Sudanese militant stormed a neighborhood inhabited by mostly South Sudanese and beaten everyone including children.

After they forced them out of their homes, they detained them like prisoners. Then set their houses on fire while watching. Some women claim they are missing children as young as infants.

This terrible incident isn’t the first to happened to the South Sudanese in Khartoum.

Two weeks ago, South Sudanese in Jebel Aolia were attacked with guns. As a result, many were killed and several were severely wounded. No one knows if some of them die after sustaining life threatening injuries.

Today, thousands of South Sudanese are in North Sudan prisons. Most of these people are sent to prisons for light offenses such as fighting and alcohol related crimes.

The moment they are jailed, they are left without being trialed.

The Juba Government has not commented the two incidents.
By Kwajok Telegraph