Researchers say South Sudanese Nyalong’s marriage is more expensive than Idris Elba and Sabrina’s marriage

Let’s start with Nalong since you know Idris Elba in movies.

Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang is a 17 years old virgin girl from Awerial Yirol of Eastern Lakes State, South Sudan who was married in a competitive marriage of five tycoons including the State Deputy Governor.

Mr. Kok Alat won the trust of the girl’s family after paying 530 cows, more than 1000 goats, 3 V8s and $10,000 pledged during traditional marriage process.

According to South Sudanese culture, cow and girl are the most expensive things than any other property a man can own. In Yirol just a small cow is sold at $1000 and a goat is sold at $200, now as a secondary school mathematics graduate calculate the costs of 530 cows and 100+ goats. Don’t forget to cost of one V8 $85,165 per each plus other expenses for two weeks of marriage.

The total cost estimated for traditional marriage apart from wedding is $1,388,162. Coming to wedding expenses, the gowns alone are imported from Dubai. There were a lots of gifts including iPads to the close relatives and friends.

Wedding is estimated to must have cost around $500,000. Now open new window go to your calculator and sum it up.

Idris Elba is an English actor, singer and a Dj known as Big Driis the Londoner. He got engaged last year 2018 to Sabrina Dhowre and recently got married in Stunning Morocco wedding.

His wedding was believed to be more expensive but got beat up by a 17 years old virgin girl from South Sudan. In English culture, there is nothing called dowries apart from wedding expenses. Idris Elba didn’t pay much to the family of the girl (Sabrina Dhowre) compare to Nyalong’s marriage which cause millions of dollars.

To total cost of Idris and Sabrina’s wedding including engagement is about $1.5. S