Dj Bossman: We Must Stop Promoting Foreign Music in South Sudan And Consider Ours First. He argues promoters.

As a new culture nowadays in South Sudan, foreign music is being considered and valued more than South Sudanese music. Every month new artists from Uganda and other neighboring countries are being invited and awarded with cars and money neglecting South Sudanese artists.

International Dj Bossman who have hosted many international artists including Konshens, Mr. Flavor, Sean Paul and many more at international level argues South Sudanese promoters to consider their culture first as South Sudanese.

He posted on his Facebook page…
“Every month you hear new upcoming artists hitting in JUBA. Sadly they are not from South Sudan. They are mostly from Uganda.

Reasons! Because our Clubs DJS , bars DJS, radio PRESENTERS are being flock by UGANDAN CITIZENS.

WE HAVE South Sudanese djs better than them.
We have South Sudanese citizens who speak better English to present than them.

This continue to happen because there are some South Sudanese entertainment & clubs companies who are behind such act”

These are Ugandans Artists sleeping in money in Juba South Sudan.

Ugandan Female Artist – Vinka sleeping in money in Juba
Fik Famecia sleeping in money in Juba
Fik in Juba
Jose Chameleon being given a car in Juba
Ugandan Sheehah performing in front of South Sudanese in Luganda