Seven People Including a Graduate From Cairo University Killed By Agaar at Agany Payam in Aluakluak County, Yirol.

Eastern Lakes State Former Minister of Finance and Public Service Bech George Jongwiir posted on Facebook, 7 people including a graduate of Business Administration from Cairo University in Egypt and 4 soldiers both from SSPDF and Organized Forces were killed by Agaar at Agany Payam in Aluakluak County of Eastern Lakes State through communal invasion.

He also added that, the government of Western Lakes State and National Government still to comment on the incident. In the same day, Individuals from Rumbek killed 2 Ugandan teachers from Atiaba Secondary School Rumbek East of West Lakes State, the government of both levels went searching for culprits from door to door right from Akot upto Aduel simply because they are foreigners.

SOURCE: Bech George.