Aluel Bol Aluenge South Sudan’s First Female Pilot Takes The Captain’s Seat at Delta Air Lines

South Sudan’s first female pilot Aluel Bol Aluenge has risen to the position of captain with major American airline company Delta Air Lines after working with Ethiopian Airlines and FlyDubai.

34-year-old Aluel Bol was celebrated in 2011 after completing an aviation training in the United States with the support of the South Sudanese government.

“I feel extremely delighted especially at the mere thought of achieving my dream. As a child growing up, I always wanted to be a pilot and my late dad made sure that he did all what it takes to make me succeed,” said Aluel seven years ago.

She is being celebrated again for rising up the ladder to become a captain at one of the leading airline companies in the world.

Local news media widely reported her success and friends and family congratulated her on social media. “#SouthSudan first woman pilot Aluel Bol becomes a captain at @Delta Airlines. Congratulations Capt. Aluel!” says Twitter user Sisi Majok.

Aluel Bol is from South Sudan’s Lakes State and is the daughter of late Justice James Bol. She was a refugee in Kenya during her country’s ethnic and political conflict.


SOURCE: WeAfriqueNation