TRUMP: If You Sit On Gold, Diamond, Oil, Uranium & Your People Don’t Have Food, Are You Humans?

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has hit hard at Africans once again, this time asking whether they are really qualified to be called humans.

He says “if you sit on Gold, diamond, oil, manganese, uranium and your people don’t have food, are you humans?”.

“I don’t need to harass you like the French Presidents say that France-Africa is over, yet they keep sending you the fake tourists who spy on you and come back and tell them how you should be recolonised.”
“If after 50 years of independence you have not built the necessary infrastructure for your people are you humans?
“If you sit on gold, diamond, oil, manganese, uranium… and your people don’t have food, are you humans?

South Sudan and Nigeria are largest oil producing countries but they are not settle to the extend they make billions of dollars a month but their people do not have access to schools, hospitals and food.

Libya is an example to Africans to wake up and develop their continent independently without donations. Civil war is the only thing Africans are weakened by outside powers, wake up Africa.