South Sudan Blacklisted Chairman Of The SPLM-IO Students’ League Denied To Renew His Expired Passport in Juba.

Gai Mayen Luk, Chairman of the SPLM-IO Students’ League and a member of Political Bureau explains how he got denied to renew his passport by immigration authorities because his name remains blocked on blacklist. He explains in a Facebook post as below;

I would be remiss if I didn’t say anything at all about my sudden coming back to Juba after three years in exile. My homecoming was completely uneventful except that I did not succeed in getting what took me there abruptly.

While checking in at Khartoum International Airport on the morning of May 25 and slated to board a Kampala-bound flight, I was advised by the immigration officer that with only three months left before my passport expires, I would not be granted a visa upon touching down in Entebbe because the passport should at least be six months valid for it to be accepted for entry into a foreign country.

The officer further cautioned that I would be deported from Entebbe back to Juba if I dared to continue with the journey to Kampala. Fortunately, the Tarco flights departing from Khartoum make a transit through Juba before proceeding to Entebbe. So I seized the opportunity to remain in Juba and renew my passport first.

To cut the long story short, I ultimately left Juba without a passport because the immigration authorities declined to issue me a new one because my name is supposedly still on the ‘blacklist’. Even with the intervention of the Presidential advisor on security Hon.Tut Gatluak Manime a.k.a Tutkew who also doubles as the chairman of National Pre-transitional Committee that wrote a letter to the minister of interior (which Hon. Michael Chienjiek signed and approved immediately) that I be issued a passport, I was still denied a passport because it still remained blocked.

This means that somebody more powerful than the Presidential Advisor on security and the minister of interior is doubtlessly behind it, for the immigration authorities who are subordinate to those two senior state officials wouldn’t have defiantly failed to heed to their directives.

Upon coming to Kampala, the chairman of the people’s movement, Dr. Riek Machar called me and asked whether I had been granted a passport to be able to travel abroad again and I said no; I only used a travel document to come to Kampala. He politely chided me for leaving Juba without getting a passport and instructed me to return to Juba and follow up on it further because he strongly believes that nobody should deny the members of IO passports anymore when we are in peace.

Under the instructions of my chairman, I will return to Juba and I hope the authority who has blocked my passport will change his mind and do the needful in the spirit of peace.

Cde.Gai Mayen Luk
Chairman of the SPLM-IO Students’ League and a member of Political Bureau.
He said.

SOURCE: City Scrollz