These Teens lived Isolated in Forest For 2 years, Being Chased Away For So Much Believing in Seventh Day Adventist Church.

As a result of believe in Christianity these teens lived in forest for two consecutive  years surviving on trees with difficulty of drinking water.

Head Teacher of Nyang Boys Primary school, Machuor Majak Beny in Eastern Lakes State – Yirol paid a visit to them at Majok Yueu Mountain where they spend most of their time praising God.

According to these teens, they live isolated because they’re abundant by their families reason being continuing to go to Seventh Day Adventist church which is  seem to be a new church in Yirol. Most of the teens pray there but their families never like it.

Young boys and girls who go to Seventh Day Adventist Church in Yirol South Sudan refuse to marry non believers and most of them stopped taking black tea and eating mud fish. This sound ignorance to the parents.

H/M Machuor ( in the middle)took picture with them at Mountant Majok Yueu – Yirol.

Head Teacher – Machuor Majak said the teens look wild but they really have faith to live very rough life in forest for years fetching drinking water in old wells 5 miles away from where they sleep, they leave in the morning at 7am and comes back around 2pm believing that their lives will change one day through God almighty they serves. He said community leaders never responded to the matter even after several kids are being chased away by their parents including young girl who refused early marriage and marrying a non believer with her little brother.

The girl is now in Juba capital city with her brother seeking refuge with strong believe in God, she never listen to what her parents says about going to that church and marriage even after being kicked out of the house for months.

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How these teens get drinking water from the Well

I witnessed similar case last year when a mother sued her 13-year-old son with the pastor of the church he go to (Seventh Day Adventist). This mother claimed that her son does not eat foods like mud fish at home nor taking a black tea. The young boy and the pastor were charged and he was ordered to move his church.

I wish I could help these faithful guys but am sure God will help them. what do you think about this?