Magutcien: The Girl Next To My House. She Is The Daughter of Our New Neighbor <3

It was cold bright morning as I was glancing through the window admiring the beauty of Nature, singing with the birdsand off course counting whoever was passing adjacent to our house. Suddenly, I saw a group of girls beautifully dressed to kill, all were in their Xmas clothing going to the nearby church.

One of them was outstanding, she was cherubic and had her melanin hidden in a black skirt and a white top, in fact she was enchanting. One can tell from her look that she is an angel sent from heaven to supervise beauty on earth. My nerve began to feel forces I had never even heard of except the gravitational force I studied in my high school physics.

My heart flew, my stomach dropped and the world made sense. I did not response to my heart beats, I wanted to get her on spot but then a part of me was afraid, was it a joke or a nightmare because I had not for once seen such an inviting beauty like hers, appealing, arresting, awe-inspiring, bewitching, mention it.

I could not eat that evening, I was obsessed with her lissome image in my mind, her glamorous glowing sight flowing through my veins. Mother noticed I was troubled, son, what is it that is troubling you ? no reply, talk to me son, I am your mother, you won’t handle it mom, this is man’s issue, come on son.

Alright then, there is this young electrifying girl I saw a few hours ago, medium height, chocolate skin, and had the Nicki Minaj’s style of walking going to church with her friends. Do you know her ? I asked. You mean the one with a bright and enticing eyes, yes mother she is.

She is the daughter of our new neighbor, she is the new girl I had been telling you about, remember the hardworking girl I met from the supermarket, she added.

Her name is Achol. Oh luminous Achol. She is accurately as mother had described. It was love at first sight. I was introduced to her later by little sister who had befriended her on their first day in our area. “Hey, I am Achol, nice to meet you, she greeted me.

Oh My God ! her voice was fantastic and stage presence. I got imprisoned in thoughts of her compelling sense of humor, if you had asked me who my sister was, I would answer “WHICH SISTER?” I think God had an intention of murdering me with this intriguing irresistible figure right beneath my nose. I..i…am Deng, nic…ce to meet you as well, I stammered as I responded back. I had not been in love before,

Achol was now my crush. I sat down as they were playing a game, calculating how she was twisting and untwisting her flexible waist with the ease like that of the water snake. I could hear even the slightest whisper she made with her playmates electrifying just as the sexy cup of fresh milk placed on my table would do.

Give him the books, “he must go to school now” my father orders. I was beginning to dodge classes only to keep a sharp eye on Achol. She diagnosed me with her everything, the way she walks, her magnificent voice especially when she thinks those luscious village songs, her care for the little brother. In fact I would spent hours drawing hearts with her name and writing ” I adores you Achol” and even dreams in my thoughts I’d one day sleep next to you as your husband and father your children.

Deng, had you not heard your father? yes mother I will soon be on my way to School, at least package a breakfast for my day.

Reaching to the junction a few kilometers away from home, I would return because Dad could not be there to chase me. This was exactly when I first made a manly move, I tip-toed next to Achol’s window…………………to be continued.