130 South Sudanese Students Shut Down Embassy in Harare Zimbabwe.

According to South Sudanese Students in Harare, over 130 South Sudanese students under government scholarship have shut down the embassy.

This Scenario has been triggered by the fact that 79 South Sudanese Students have successfully finished their studies but they have been denied to have their transcripts and certificates due to unpaid arrears of $1.4 millions by the government of South Sudan.

The council of ministers this year made an approval of $1.4 millions on 5th , January , 2019 to settle the arrears but upto now , the ministry of finance has not release the funds.

The South Sudanese Student Union In Zimbabwe is calling upon the Ministry of Finance to released the $1.4millions that was approved by the Council of Ministers on 5th, January, 2019.

By Kat Mosety