Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science & Technology

The State Government led by H.E the Acting Governor Dr. Agot Alier Leek was joined by the delegation led by the University Deputy Vice Chancellor which composed of the university team and group of Companies under the umbrella of ‘Intertorco Europe SA Company headed by Madam Florence.

Madam Florence explained that the project was initially planned as of 2012 thanks to H.E Sava Kiir Mayardit who said that one of the three world class universities that were to be built in South Sudan be located in Bor, a place where in the beginning of our struggle for freedom, on 16 May 1983, the first gun was shot.

The project will take off within the next two to two and a half months; will be completed in two(2) years because each company within Intertorco will be given a college to built; and its total cost of construction including fully equipping it would be around eight hundred and nine million ($809,000,000) dollars only. It will have different colleges such as of Medicine, Communication, Law, Agriculture..; accomodation for students and lecturers; Museum; very big University Hospital etc.

Its benefits are that its services will not only be for South Sudanese but also for students from other countries hence hard currency income; during its construction, it will create employment for citizens of Jonglei, neighbouring and other States of South Sudan as well as expatriates;and after its completion will beautify the city, employ and educate thousands.

Thereafter, the Government was left with one important role of ensuring that the existing land is enough for such a construction and to evacuate those who have occupied part of the university land.The university had been operating in prefabricated buildings and this expected change is huge news.

Its crucial to note that while watching the presentation, I became emotional and continued to smile sheepishly because the video was breathtaking, seemed too good to be true and gave us optimism about the future.

The Acting Governor thanked the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Intertorco Company, the financer and the University staff for efforts exerted in Dr.JGMUST project and that once completed, would be the pride of South Sudan and the best gift and reminder of our Late Hero Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

By Atong Kuol Manyang