In Memory Of William Deng Nhial. Born 1929, Died May 5, 1968

William Deng Nhial, is a political figure who played an important role in South Sudan history. Born near Monyangnok Village of Thony section in Tonj in 1929, Deng was educated at the Catholic elementary school in Mbili and Rumbek.

He studied public administration at the University of Khartoum when the country gained independence. In 1961, he joined the liberation struggle for Southern Sudan in exile.

Alongside, Fr. Saturnino Lohure and Joseph Oduho, Deng founded the political party known as SANU. In 1963, Deng and Oduho published “The Problem f the Southern Sudan” which addressed the issues people and region of Southern region.

In 1965, Deng split from SANU; he decided to work in Khartoum to find ways to solve issues in South. In the process, he forged alliances with groups such as the Nuba Independents and Umma Party.

In 1967 and 1968, Deng was elected a member of parliament in the Sudan government. While traveling along the Rumbek road in Southern Sudan, Deng was assassinated. His untimely death left a void in the political system within the country. By: Mangar Amerdid.