NBA Is Tribalist. Why Always Dinka, What About Other 64 Tribes Of South Sudan? UN Should Remove Dinkas

Out of 64 tribes of South Sudan, only players from Dinka were drafted by NBA this year. Unti-Dinka went against it and posted several posts on Facebook and Twitter over the drafting of Bol Bol (son of Manut Bol the NBA legend) and Marial Makur Shayok who comes from Dinka.

NBA considers talent and height not the background it is not a political Sports Association. However Dinka are said to be the tallest people in Africa which makes them to qualify for NBA.

Youths should be sound minded people and work towards the development of their country.
Deu Grëngdit Twitted “NBA are tribalist. They drafted only two Dinka again and didn’t give other South Sudanese tribes a chance.
Everywhere in NBA is Dinka. Luol Deng – Dinka, Thon Makeer – Dinka, Dau Dut – Dinka, Abul Gak – Dinka, again Bol Bol and Marial Shayok Dinka. What about the other 64 tribes? UN should take over and remove Dinkas.”

Despite all the tribal affiliations, my country people are making it big outside there.Imagine if we embrace peace today and let our people to blossom without worry,don’t u think Junubin can conquer the world.
We are smart, we are kind,we are hardworking, we are lovers of life and we have heart for humanity.
Let us embrace peace.
Let peace reign
Let us grow together.
Let us love us.
Am a proud Junubi.
Am proud of my brothers in the NBA.
Am proud of all the models outside there
Am proud of u all who make the flag of south Sudan flown with pride🥰❤👌
Today,let’s all meet at De space Lounge and restaurant grand opening

Luol Ajou Deng is a former professional basketball player. He was a two-time NBA All-Star and was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2012.
Born in South Sudan, Deng fled the country with his family as a child, eventually settling in the United Kingdom.

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