The First South Sudanese To Obtain PhD in Mining and Minerals, Dr Ajak Duany Expresses His Gratitude

Dr Ajak Duany Ajak the first South Sudanese to obtained PhD in Mining and Minerals. Ajak came to Australia in 2006 and settled in the South Eastern regions of Melbourne. Ajak’s educational journey started 30 years ago in South Sudan.

Ajak was displaced by war and eventually became a refugee in Kenya by 1996. Ajak worked hard and got himself a scholarship to a Katilu Secondary School in Northern Kenya. In 2006,  Ajak and his family moved to Australia as refugees. A few months later, Ajak started his University studies at Ballarat University, where he obtained his first degree.

For more than a decade now, he worked in major projects in Victoria and Western Australia. 12 years later, Dr Ajak Duany is holding Diplomas, Bachelor degree. Graduates Depolama, Graduate Certificates, Two masters and a PhD in mining, statistic and theology.

Ajak is now an expert who once worked with PHP, Rio Tinto and now doing consultancy in the same field in Western Australia. Dr Ajak was ‘was a member of the team that drafted the Nunawading underground rail line crossing on Springvale Road in 2008’.