Meet Young South Sudanese Tallest Basket Player in Uganda Looking Forward To Achieve His Dreams

Garang Majok Lual Ngodi was born on 23th-Feb-2003 in Ameth Village, Wedweil townahip currently Goumjuer East County in Aweil, South Sudan.

His height attracted many basketball coaches in Aweil and South Sudan at large. After completing his primary school, he was transfered to Juba in chase of his dream career and quality education as well.

Amongst his seven siblings, Garang is the last born. His father hail from padhuny clan and mother Atak Wal Achien (Atak Camach) from Wathok Korok. He is 6ft in 7 tall. At is youngest age he developed interest in playing basketball in Aweil South Sudan.

He played in several basketball matches and mostly Juba basketball league where he won many awards for his outstanding performance.

Garang is currently in Kampala, Uganda. He is looking forward to achieve his game level and his dream to become a basketball icon in South Sudan and entire Africa.