I Met Met Wife On Facebook And We Have Been Enjoying A Beatific Union | Nollywood Actor

Nollywood actor Pope Obumneme aka Junio Pope has disclosed how he met his lovely wife on Facebook and how they have been enjoying every bit of their marriage

The father of 2 made this revelation during a chat with TS Weekender where he also spoke about some of the atrocities committed in the movie industry.
On how he met his wife, he said:

Junior Pope with wife and their two sons Jason and Jaden

“I met my wife on Facebook. We started chatting on Facebook, she started by appreciating my works and we gradually became friends. It’s written that men are moved by what they see and women are moved by what they hear. So i saw this angel and immediately i told God that this lady is mine. Thereafter, we started dating. Luckily, she lives in Asaba Delta state. Honestly, the kind of life in Nollywood you wouldn’t want to marry, thinking you still have time for worldly enjoyment. I always tell people that devil is the king of Nollywood because of the atrocities being committed in the industry. It is in Nollywood you see high level of homosexuality. But i thank God i eventually got married and have lived happily together.”

On how long he has been married, he replied:

“We got married on 26 July 2014 and we have been enjoying a blissful union. Blessed with 2 lovely sons and we hope to continually celebrate many more years of marriage” – Junior Pope.