Meet South Sudanese First Transgender, Layla Kingston

Layla Kingston is a South Sudanese-American transgender who is currently in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. She is the first man from South Sudan to turn into a female.

Achan who was called Chan before she transformed is from Dinka Bor, South Sudan. Achan was born in Libya to South Sudanese parents.

At the age of 20 she decided to go through a surgery and hormone therapy to become a woman. And she changed her name from Chan to Achan.

According to media reports, Achan was contacted and she said. “I was contemplating suicide after changing my sex to femal”

Acahn on selfie

“For some reasons Beyoncé’s music got me out of it.. and that’s when I decided why do I have to kill myself, just be who you want to be especially being a Dinka Bor” she [Achan] said.

Achan thanks her mother for being supportive of her decision of becoming a woman, and she tells haters to mind their own business.

Achan going out for the party in red dress and long hair.

She once posted a video on Facebook where her mother asked all the women to be supportive to their kids. Her mother said, she was still struggling calling Achan a HE instead of SHE. She still look at Achan as a son.

Layla[Acahn] one day she said in a Facebook live video, “I remove my dick and replace it with a vagina (pussy), if that doesn’t please you, get out of here”